Efficiency in managing an inbound call center, particularly in terms of assigning the correct number of operators for each service time slot, represents a significant challenge. Hypermynds aimed to develop a solution that could optimize the scheduling of operators, thereby ensuring an efficient and economically advantageous service.


To address this challenge, Hypermynds developed Bacco, an advanced optimization system for scheduling inbound call center operators. Using complex mathematical models, we created a virtual replica of the incoming call flow, allowing us to accurately predict the call volume for each time slot. This virtual replica enables the identification of the optimal workforce configuration through numerical simulations, ensuring that the number of available operators is always proportional to the expected volume of calls.

125 Million simulated calls

- 10% cost reduction

125 Millionsimulated calls

- 10%cost reduction


In the last year, the Bacco system processed simulations on 12.5 million calls, equivalent to about 250,000 calls a week, leading to an immediate cost reduction of up to 10%. This significant impact demonstrates the effectiveness of Bacco in improving the operational efficiency of call centers, while simultaneously reducing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction through a more responsive and balanced service.

These results underscore not only the effectiveness of our Bacco optimization system but also Hypermynds' commitment to innovation and the success of our clients in the call center industry. With Hypermynds and Bacco, the future of call center optimization is already a reality.


No licensing costs, no installations, no IT.