Improve your business with data science

We bring data science to everyone.

Data science revolutionizes the way you make decisions. Using advanced mathematical methods we automate your most critical high-impact processes.

This is no longer science fiction!
You can have tailor-made solutions to each of your everyday issues hassle-free.


This is where raw data is cleaned, fixed and organized in an homogeneus data-set. This is where we can start conducting robust and reliable analysis.


This is where we build the engine. This is where magic happens and tons of data start to talk. All this, thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.


This involves cool interactive dashboards and automated insights. Here we make sure to keep the flow of information fast and relevant to decision-makers.

We believe in math-driven decisions.

Decisions taken from certain and objective data, obtained through a logical-inductive process that allows you to analyze all possible scenarios systematically.

We call them math-driven decisions: the most correct decisions you will ever take.

We are in love with automation.

Truth is, manuals tasks are a waste of time and money.
We believe human interactions must be reserved to value-added decision-making activities. Our solutions are fully automated, free of any dummy work thanks to AI techniques.

That’s how our products come alive!


Our solution for the energy market operators.

Eulerio represents the quintessence of our way of thinking: a modular platform of smart applications that, thanks to mathematical modeling, solves the strategic and operational problems of those who produce, sell or buy energy.


Consumption Forecaster & Delivery Manager


Business Intelligence & Portfolio Manager


Curve Builder & Offering Manager


Trading System & Delivery Manager


Data Retriever, Provider & Explorer

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Other Products

We are cross-function specialists.
We build tailored solutions for each of your challenges.


We use mathematics to help our customers understanding their financial data, preparing a consolidated financial statement, forecasting their cash flow or building a reliable business plan.


We use statistical clustering analysis to build smart insights on our clients' customer base, helping companies better addressing their sales strategies and monitoring sales performance through interactive dashboards.


We have smart solutions to help our clients efficiently monitor their risks, providing punctual and accurate information to manage their exposure and giving them all the instruments to take the right decision at the right moment.


We develop trading algorithms and procurement optimization strategies using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to help our customers managing their purchasing hassle-free as well as taking advantage of prices' volatility.

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